Beacon Hill

With its idyllic charm, rows of red brick houses adorned by glowingly green trees and gas-lit lanterns forming narrow alleys, Beacon Hill is one of the most scenic and desirable neighborhoods in Boston.

A major advantage of living here is the central location: not only is it conveniently close to MGH (~ 5 min walking distance, free shuttle to BWH runs from there), but also only a few steps away from the beautiful parks (~ 5 min walking distance to Boston Common and Public Garden), Charles River (5 min walking distance), the downtown area (~10 min walking distance to Newbury Street) and tasty food such as Italian and Asian cuisine (the North End and Chinatown can both be reached within 10 min). One can easily travel to Cambridge via the Red Line and Brookline with the Green Line as well.

The proximity to the park and river opens up a great variety of options regarding after-work activities: sailing & kayaking on the Charles, watching the symphony or a local band perform an outdoor concert in the 'Hatch Shell' at sunset, jogging and biking alongside the beautiful river, ice-skating on the Frog Pond in the Boston Common or seeing a Shakespeare play in the park - there are numerous ways to enjoy life after leaving the hospital.

Because the area is very popular, it can be a challenge to find a decently sized place at a reasonable price. If you are interested in living here, it is helpful to enlist a broker and asking us about outgoing residents who are living in Beacon Hill and may be looking for somebody to take over their place.